The First Ancestor of Arntz

The (re)search is still going on, but Steven Arntz currently seems to be the oldest known ancestor of the Arntz family that is also still present in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Steven Arntz is mentioned as tenant (“pachter” in Dutch) of a Mr. van Bronkhorst during the years 1577-1580. Definitely in Duffelt, but not (yet) with an exact location.

The name of Steven Arntz his wife is yet unknown, but his son was named Peter Aerntsen (also mentioned as Arenssenn, Arndtzenn and Arntz). In 1625 Peter was a churchwarden (“kerkmeester” in Dutch) in Mehr (Germany) and he deceased after 1661.

All this informatian is based on the great research by Guido van Benthem and Arie Leeuwrik, formerly mentioned on

One thought on “Genealogy

  1. I am a living descendant of Aloisius Ferdinand Arntz, after the aforementioned Alois Arntz… The name was passed down thru the generations here in Canton, Ohio USA and end with my Dad’s grandpa, Aloisius Ferdinand Arntz who married Vera Daniels, and had my dad’s dad, Sherman Arntz.

    Arntz is my Surname

  2. Thank you for your interesting contribution Katie! I only know about Aloysius Arntz (nickname Aloïs) born August 12th 1874, Muiden (The Netherlands) who moved from The Netherlands to Belgium early 20th century. He only had 1 son Constant Arntz with further descendants only in Belgium. Arntz is a family name with a lot of branches. So very curious about the Aloïs Arntz you are referring to and if there is extra info you know about him (years, locations, …). It is probably a branche not related to Arntz in The Netherlands since in the Dutch branches there is not any reference or relation to Aloisious Ferdinand.

    Arntz is my Surname

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