Arntz Email Address Service

Arntz Email Address Service

Arntz Email Address Service

Starting today we offer you the possibility to use your very own personal Arntz email address while continuing to use your current email address!

Very easy, affordable and above all … Arntz!

Our service allows you to register a unique Arntz email address with only your first name. The only condition: your last name has to be Arntz.

Your email address will look like

First come, first served. If your first name is already registered by another person, we will contact you to find a reasonable alternative, for example with a subdomain specifying your country (f.e. or a sequence number added to the first name.

Arntz family email address

Having an email address on a domain with your own name has always been more prestigious than an address on a free email server or another commercial domain. Now you have a great opportunity to register your unique email address on a domain matching your last name!

An Arntz family email address is affordable, comfortable, unusual and prestigious . Your last name is what you should be proud of, so let others see it.

Easy, personal and affordable

The majority of users have neither the time nor desire to delve into the technical details of owning and managing their own domain on the Internet, but they still want to have a family email address. That’s why we assume this service is interesting for a lot of Arntz around the world!

Registering and using your personal Arntz address is very easy since:

  • you only need to provide some basic information to register;
  • all mail to your new Arntz address will simply be forwared  to your current email address;
  • depending on the email service provider you use, you can also add your Arntz email address to the mails send from your email account;
  • in any case you can give your new Arntz email address to all your contacts and email will always arrive at your current email address;
  • if your current email address ever changes in the future, all you will have to do is inform us and we will re-configure your forwarding Arntz address (so you will not have to inform all your contact persons about the change!);
  • the service is based on a small once-in-an-arntz-lifetime fee of 5 euro (5€) to be payed after we’ve configured your personal Arntz email forwarding address. (with this fee you also support the voluntary work on this website, to cover some maintenance costs)

An original gift for other Arntz

Picking an original gift for an Arntz family member has never been easier. Arntz family email addresses are a great present for any person spending a lot of time on Internet and using email. Sending messages from a personal family address is a real pleasure, so share this pleasure with people you care about. If they like going online, they will definitely appreciate it!

Why are we offering this service?

This is a question that we get quite often. Such a small once-in-a-lifetime fee for a great Arntz family address; why? The answer is simple: this website and service is provided on a voluntary basis by Arntz family members and we find it great fun to get in touch with other Arntz and to support them with a personal Arntz email address. With your contribution you also support the maintenance of this website.

Click here if you are interested in a personal Arntz email address.

5 thoughts on “Arntz Email Address Service

  1. I look forward to becoming part of the Arntz network!

    Mike Arntz

    Arntz is my Surname

  2. 3 brothers: Kurt, Bill Dan.
    2 children David Matthew Arntz, Savannah Arntz
    Occupation: LPN at Veterans Hospital.
    Holds Arizona EMT and ACLS certs.

    Arntz is my Family

    • Dear Winston, it seems that the email address that you provided to request your personal email address was not correct. Can you please resubmit your request with correct email address? Thank you!

      Arntz is my Surname

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